CoCarrot - why we do what we do

When someone asks me what do you want out of life – my wants are quite basic. I’d like to have more free time and more time with my wife and kids, which means I don’t want to fall asleep at eight in the evening at the dinner table – because I wake up at two in the morning, every day.

I’m a fruit and veg guy and I have done it all in my twenty-five years in the business – import, export, wholesale, sourcing, retailing…. I have tried every evolution of process and communication tools like telex, fax, email, webshop, phone…you name it.

25 years. They have put a man on the moon. A fifty-year old woman can have babies. An African American is president of the United States – and I’m still falling asleep at the dinner table while my kid tells me what happened in school.

My quest has been to find a better way of doing this. Of getting away from the whole “early bird gets the worm” cliché – of finding a way to have my banana and eat it too.

With Co.Carrot, we have started a process with the clear objective of making life easier for everyone working in the fruits and vegetables industry, as well as improving the bottom line for all players working to provide fruits and vegetables to consumers, from the millions of growers around the world to wholesalers, restaurants, green grocers and supermarkets.

We want to make it easier to source the products you need for your business, from any seller you want, any time you want. It should be easier for all sellers of fruits and vegetables to service your customers better without having to wake up in the middle of the night, and it should be easier to find new customers, no matter where in the world you are looking at selling your produce. 

We want you (and me) to sleep a little longer in the morning, leave work a little earlier, while providing superior products and service to your customers at a lower cost and working together putting food on the table for an ever-growing number of people.


About Martin

I love the Fruit & Veg business; otherwise I wouldn’t have spent 25 years working at all hours of the day. On the other hand, I have a profound dislike for the hassle that goes with the trade which all of us are all too familiar with. My blog is an insider’s view on how to eliminate unnecessary workflows and routines, as well as new ideas on how to improve earnings without it being at the expense of our love for the business.

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